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3D Printing Skin Or Maybe A Dermal Regenerator

3D Printing Skin Or Maybe A Dermal Regenerator

Written by David

February 16, 2020


In space — at least on Star Trek — no one can hear you apply a band-aid. That’s too low tech. When a Star Fleet officer gets an ouchie, the real or holographic doctor waves a dermal regenerator over the afflicted area, and new skin magically appears.


Science fiction, huh?


Maybe not.


A group of scientists from Canada recently published a paper on a handheld instrument for depositing “skin precursor sheets” over full-thickness burns. The paper is behind a paywall and if you don’t know how to get it or don’t want to get it, you can see a video from the University of Toronto , below. Although they use the term 3D printing, the device is more like a paint roller. Several substances merge together in the print head and lay down on the burn in broad stripes. The machine is meant for people with full-thickness burns. These […]

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