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3D printing market continues to grow at record speeds, report says

3D printing market continues to grow at record speeds, report says

Written by David

February 16, 2020


According to the latest report by Amsterdam-based online manufacturing platform 3D Hubs, North America and Europe are the clear leaders in online 3D printing, representing together more than 95% of the global demand.


U.S. businesses account for nearly 50% of the global online 3D printing demand, while U.K. firms are the most avid 3D printing users in Europe, accounting for more than 12% of global online 3D printing. “3D Printing Trends 2020,” which includes insights from the company’s order database and a systematic review of news and market analyst reports, found that more than 550,000 parts were 3D-printed in 2019 using its platform, and the total value of 3D- printed parts tripled. Key findings of the report include: 3D printing now is adopted by the early majority for serial production. With ubiquitous applications across multiple industries—including automotive, aerospace, maritime, medical, space, sports, motorsports, railway, and defense—3D printing is changing […]

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