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3D Printing & the Future of Retail


Forget costly prototypes, traditional textile manufacturing, product recalls, and the like…. 3D printing is about to turn the entire retail industry on its head. Already, additive manufacturing (AM) is set to climb past a US$15.8 billion global market by next year, and the Wohlers Report forecasts this will double to US$35.6 billion by 2024. A precise form of AM, 3D printing can create a product from almost any material at mass scale, generating large quantities while individually tailoring each product to consumers. In this final “Future of Retail” blog, we will discuss how 3D printing will change the way our clothes (and most consumer goods) are made. Let’s dive in… ( Note #1: If you like this blog, share it! | {LinkedIn} | {Facebook} | {Twitter} | Or send your friends and family to this link to subscribe !) ( Note #2: This is a topic l cover at […]

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