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3D Scanner Buying Guide 2020


3D scanning is now an engrained business process in industry, architecture, quality assurance and reverse engineering. It is, however, quite a difficult process to master.


Many different 3D scanning technologies are best at only a few applications. In some cases, there is also overlap between technologies for a specific application. 3D scanning companies also tend to offer individual scanners per segment of the market and per application, as well.


There are, therefore, a lot of models and it can be confusing which ones to select or even to consider. No matter what the application or the scanner, however, there is operator skill and diligence involved. 3D scanning is still finicky and requires patience. What’s more, a lot of manual file fixing or use of automated file-fixing tools is required to get optimal results from files. 3D scanning is not easy and it will be difficult to master by the […]

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