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50% of Chinese manufacturers believe AM could challenge China’s leading position in manufacturing


A recent survey conducted by Belgian 3D printing company Materialise has shed some light onto how Chinese manufacturing companies view 3D printing: how it fits into the manufacturing sector, what its benefits and limitations are and, importantly, how its adoption could impact China’s dominant role in the manufacturing world.


For many years, China has been a powerhouse in global manufacturing. Its position as a leading low-cost manufacturing provider have seen the Asian country come to have the second largest economy in the world. Within the global AM industry, China is also increasing its stake in additive technologies, investing in R&D, new technologies and adoption.


Still, for many Chinese manufacturing companies, there are still reservations about the technology and the role it will ultimately come to play in industrial production. For instance, the majority of surveyed manufacturers suggested that AM is suitable primarily for prototyping rather than end-use production and […]

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