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6 Surprising DIY Uses for 3D Printers

6 Surprising DIY Uses for 3D Printers

Written by David

November 8, 2019


Not that long ago 3D printers seemed like something out of a science fiction movie. The idea that you could design something on a computer, then print a three-dimensional object in a variety of materials was incredible.


Now 3D printers are relatively commonplace. They’re used by all sorts of businesses to manufacture products. They’re even in some schools.


The one place 3D printers haven’t become commonplace is in the home. It’s like in the 90s when people started to get personal computers. Early adopters had one, but they weren’t in every household.


A future where every home has a 3D printer isn’t far off though. And for good reason. There are many uses for 3D printers that make them a great thing to have in the house. Replacement Parts We all know how annoying it is when something integral to our home breaks, and we have to wait for […]

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