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8 3D Printing Mistakes You Should Avoid to Get a Better Print


Most traditional manufacturing processes such as machining, casting, and joining are being replaced by 3D printing. The manufacturing costs are pretty low, so one can design and cheaply manufacture complex models with 3D printers. No material loss saves us a great deal of money. Learning how to 3D print may take some time, however. It is not only necessary to learn how to use CAD and simulation software for 3D printing, but also how to run the 3D printer itself.


The following article discusses eight mistakes most beginners make when they first start using 3D printing. 1. Incorrect Bed Level Height A 3D print’s first layer is crucial to the rest of the printing process. If you have set the nozzle too far, too close, or not leveled it correctly, you will not get a fine print. In addition to material loss, you can easily lose hours of 3D printing time. In 3D printing machines with manual leveling systems, it is difficult to adjust the bed level. The bed of these machines has four springs at each corner. You have to level the bed yourself by adjusting the springs. Beginners who rush into 3D printing tend to focus more […]

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