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A Tiny Home 3D Printer Can Be Yours for $79


A project promising a working 3D printer for just $60 (plus $30 shipping) has raised almost $200,000 on Kickstarter.


Since the 3DFORT fundraiser went live last month, curious people on Reddit and social media have wondered: How can this thing be legitimate?


But even with the skepticism, it’s clear there’s a huge market for a 3D printer that’s truly affordable to a much larger swath of people. Across all discussions of this printer, commenters tend to say interested folks are better off buying a low-end traditional 3D printer.


“Quite a bit more at $300, but well worth the cost,” one Redditor says of the Ender 3 , a product at the very bottom end of Creality’s line of printers. For some groups, 3DFORT is the only affordable option there’s ever been, with a limited use case that scales with the price. Naturally, the printer is really […]

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