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Army Dissects Black Hawk Helo, Scans Parts For 3D Printing


Wichita State University in Kansas is taking an Army Black Hawk helicopter apart piece by piece, scanning each component to create a detailed three-dimensional model that could be be used for 3D printing, the head of Aviation & Missile Command told reporters this afternoon.


“We have a UH-60 Lima [that] we are currently disassembling,” AMCOM chief Maj. Gen. Todd Royar explained. “[For each] component, they’re scanning it, making a 3D model of it, putting it in a CAD [Computer-Aided Design] file… We’ll start to get those back in a couple of months.” Just how many different components are there in the UH-60L model of the Black Hawk ? “We expect to probably get about 20,000 structural parts, -ish, out of that,” Royar said. “We’ll take a look at it and evaluate every one” to see whether it can be safely and economically replaced […]

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