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Benefits of Integrating Additive Manufacturing Into Your Business Model

Benefits of Integrating Additive Manufacturing Into Your Business Model

Written by Paul

January 20, 2022


Additive manufacturing continues to gain popularity as a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing, with more companies seriously considering integrating additive into their business model . 3D printing —the most ubiquitous form of additive manufacturing technology—is still relatively new compared to CNC machining and injection molding. But don’t take that newness to mean that it’s unreliable or expensive. In reality, 3D printing is a trustworthy, low-cost solution that offers immense benefits when implemented strategically. Here are the key benefits of adoption additive technology as part of your business model: 1. Lower costs Unlike traditional manufacturing, which can require expensive custom tooling, 3D printing is a toolless solution. It’s possible to build parts using only a CAD file, the required material, and the printer itself, allowing for increased potential for lights-out manufacturing and reduced labor costs. 2. Shorter lead times Since additive doesn’t require custom tooling or fixtures, 3D printing service bureaus can begin building parts almost immediately. 3D printing’s minimal setup is much less involved than programming CNC machines. Additive technology can considerably reduce manufacturing timelines (think two months down to just one week). There’s also the opportunity to save time on assembly activities by consolidating multiple components into a […]

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