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Best 3D-printed models of November 2019

Best 3D-printed models of November 2019

Written by David

December 4, 2019


The 3D printing community is terrific. Not only are there people from every walk of life ready to help anyone get better at the hobby, but there are also talented designers churning out inspired models for us to print.


One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to look around the web and find some of the best models that people have printed and ask them how they managed such beautiful work. I think this kind of talent needs showcasing, so each month I will be showing off some of the best prints I’ve seen from around the ‘net. Each entry will have a link to the person who printed the model, and, where possible, the person who designed it and the printer they printed it on. Hopefully, these designs will inspire you to push yourself, and maybe seek these community members […]

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