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Build Your Own CLOG DETECTOR | NEW VERSION! Connectivity With Your 3D Printer And PCB Based


This is version 2 of a small device that allows you to detect if the nozzle of your 3D printer clogs while it’s running. The building process is way easier now since it is based on a PCB instead of using wires.


In addition to that, this version has a cool new functionality: It can communicate with your printer. That way you can automatically pause or cancel the print if a clog occurs. Jamming does not happen very often but when you are printing large parts it can really save you a lot of time to be alerted as quickly as possible. It is attached to the top of the extruder using double-sided tape and it is connected to the 12 V DC rail of the hotend fan. I printed mine in ABS to prevent deformation of some parts due to heat since my Prusa is enclosed.


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