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China and the Future of American Jobs


Since China joined the WTO in 2001, the US has imported $6,747,513,000,000 ($6.7 Trillion) in goods from China.


Let that sink in.


– In 2019 alone, the US imported $450 Billion from China. That’s four times the economic output of the entire state of Mississippi for the same year.
– That’s $450 Billion of American’s money that should have gone to Americans to develop American communities.
– $450 Billion that could have been spent with American businesses so they can expand their businesses and hire more Americans.


Though it might not have been classified as an “economic miracle,” the $6.7 Trillion-plus the US has sent to China as payment for manufactured goods, could have helped a huge number of American communities get out of poverty as well. That $6.7 Trillion could have written many paychecks for many hard working Americans. If companies like Apple […]

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