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Creality CR-10 V2 3D Printer review


For several years, I was intrigued by everything that I read about 3D printing. In early 2019, I decided to purchase my very first 3D printer.


When it arrived, it sat in the box for over a month as I walked by it several times daily and stared at it from a position of intimidation. Eventually, one day I opened the box and set it up. I was both excited and scared. While it did take another couple of weeks for me to try printing, it was such a great experience, that I was hooked.


Since then I have tested and used a couple more printers and have become somewhat of a mid-level expert on 3D printing. I now create my own designs and I am pretty good at solving most of the inherent issues that 3D printers present. Now I am interested in the various designs […]

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