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Elegoo Mars Review: Incredibly Affordable Resin 3D Printer

Elegoo Mars Review: Incredibly Affordable Resin 3D Printer

Written by David

October 26, 2019


Most affordable 3D printers use FDM (Fusion Deposition Modeling), a process which involves extruding hot plastics. Resin-based printers usually offer more detail and smoother surfaces, but they also cost more.


Enter the Elegoo Mars, which uses precise resin curing to provide impressive output for a very-affordable $269. This printer is sleek, affordable, easy-to-use and more than capable of standing up to expensive competitors.


Specifications Print Quality The print quality on the Elegoo Mars is incredible. This printer gives higher-priced competitors a run for their money. The X/Y resolution is 0.00185″ (0.047mm), so the quality on everything you print is already miles ahead of your standard FDM printer. Here’s a quick comparison of the same castle printed on an FDM printer next to one printed on the Mars. 

Elegoo Mars 3D Printer

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