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Elegoo Mars vs Anycubic Photon: The Differences

Elegoo Mars vs Anycubic Photon: The Differences

Written by David

October 30, 2019


It wasn’t long ago when makers on a tight budget were restricted to desktop FDM machines.


Stereolithography, or SLA, is a resin-based 3D printing technology that offers unrivaled print quality when compared to FDM, but these machines were often priced in thousands and largely reserved for professionals and hardcore hobbyists.


That all changed a couple of years ago when a steady, gooey trickle of desktop-sized resin 3D printers swept the consumer market by storm.


For the first time ever, frugally-minded makers could access high-quality resin 3D printing at a fraction of the cost. How so? With a technology called Digital Light Projection (DLP). Unlike SLA technology, which utilizes a laser to harden liquid resin into a 3D model, the DLP process works by projecting the whole image of a layer into a vat of resin, effectively curing the material layer by layer until a solid object is created. Among […]

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