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Ender 3 Cura Settings: Best Ender 3 Cura Profile

Ender 3 Cura Settings: Best Ender 3 Cura Profile

Written by David

October 30, 2019


Just picked up a new Ender 3? Let us guide you to perfect prints with the best Ender 3 Cura profile.


One of the most popular 3D printers of all time, Creality’s Ender 3 provides an affordable entry point into the world of 3D printing. Rivaling some of the higher-priced printers in terms of speed, quality, and print volume, we’ve been blown away by this affordable workhorse.


Naturally, a printer at this price requires some bed leveling , manual calibration, and perhaps a few modifications. But if everything were automatic, Creality would likely put most other 3D printers (or themselves) out of business.


To get started, the stock profile on Cura for the Ender 3 is remarkably good, so definitely load it up as a foundation: Click “Settings > Printer > Manage Printers”. In the preferences box, head […]

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