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Four new fashion pieces made through 3D printing

Four new fashion pieces made through 3D printing

Written by David

May 17, 2020


3D printing has revolutionised many industries by offering a whole new way to produce complex designs from an ever-increasing range of materials.


Processes like rapid prototyping have allowed fashion designers to cheaply manufacture small orders at a fraction of the price of other computer-aided design methods like CNC machining . With such complex, custom designs now so readily available, fashion designers have come up with some amazing pieces .


The Gems of the Ocean Dress


This beautiful gown is one of the first ever full-length dresses to be 3D printed. The gown, which was designed by Samuel Canning and Melinda Looi, has been printed in one complete part and has additional accessories that follow an unusual and captivating mermaid theme. The Synapse Dress Anouk Wipprecht is one of the most prevalent 3D printing fashion designers. His Synapse Dress is capable of performing a range of surprising functions, all printed […]

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