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HILOS presents custom-made 3D printed fully circular women shoes

HILOS presents custom-made 3D printed fully circular women shoes

Written by David

June 21, 2021


HILOS is introducing a radically new way to make shoes that blends artistry with performance. The Portland-based company combines the traditional insole, midsole, and outsole of a shoe into a single 3D printed platform that embodies the performance requirements of each of these layers within a complete construction. Inset into the platform is a woven mesh of lattice that acts as a dynamic form of supportive cushion.


The end result is a soft, springy footbed with a flexible platform that cradles each step. The show is 3D printed using MultiJet Fusion technology from a new performance material with the flex and spring of a running shoe. HILOS is changing the way shoes are made by blending tech and hand, utilizing additive manufacturing to solve pressing design and environmental issues while elevating the craft that humanizes our products to make them staple treasures. Every pair of HILOS is engineered to be disassembled and repurposed for a second life. This level of circularity means designing with intention from concept to production. It also means making products that not only last but have […]

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