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Young entrepreneur capitalises on demand for 3D printing

Young entrepreneur capitalises on demand for 3D printing

Written by David

June 21, 2021


A Yorkshire entrepreneur seeking to capitalise on the boom in demand for 3D printing is targeting turnover of more than £100,000 in his first full year in business.


Harry Bairstow, 24, has established Fetera, a 3D filament manufacturing company. The business is producing high quality filament in a range of colours at its premises at Halifax Road, Cross Roads, Keighley. 3D printing creates three-dimensional objects by transferring consecutive material layers through a 3D printer.


Interest in 3D printing has grown as technology has advanced to make printers more affordable, both for research and development (R&D) purposes and for hobbyists keen to learn and explore the art of 3D printing at home. Bairstow – a keen 3D hobbyist himself – discovered that not only was it was difficult to source high quality filament that would enable trouble-free printing, but that most of it was imported from China and the Netherlands. Using his knowledge of the plastics industry gained in a previous role, he has invested in new machinery and set up his company to manufacture printing filament in the UK. He said: “Increased investment in R&D is encouraging innovation and driving demand among the 3D printing community. “We have spent […]

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