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How 3D printing is changing the world

How 3D printing is changing the world

Written by David

May 25, 2020


From bionic limbs to custom clothing, 3D printing has the ability to transform the world and the way we live. Indeed, the positive trend is already taking hold. What separates 3D printing from most other revolutionary technologies is its wide reach.


3D printing has the potential to dramatically alter almost every industry and the technology is advancing and driving changing business trends. Before the invention of sewing machines in the 18th century, every garment was made by hand. Fast forward to the 20th century and we have the benefit of mass production and global factories. However, more often than not, the clothes created in mass production are often of a low quality and there is a lack of individualism in design, a touch millennials in particular prefer in their fashion choices.


3D printing is changing all that. Not only does 3D printing allow for the creation of custom-fitted garments, […]

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