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How do I finish my 3D printed part?


3D printed or additively made parts often need finishing after the build. According to many users, this is a time consuming and sometimes costly part of the overall additive process.


A recent survey conducted with support from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), The Annual Additive Post-Printing Survey: Trends Report 2019 , published the following statistics about this final step in the additive manufacturing process. –75% of respondents said that the time it takes to post-process a part is an issue. — More than 55% use two to three printing technologies, 33% use four, which can become an issue. Respondents would prefer to use fewer processes. –66% said they have 2 or more challenges with their current post-processing methods. –The primary difficulties experienced include issues of throughput, scrap rates, and use of human resources. –Time and consistency are big challenges. –Respondents report that removal processes, including support, powder, and […]

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