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How does 3D printing work?

How does 3D printing work?

Written by David

December 1, 2020


3D printing has risen from obscurity to become a mainstream technology in the past decade. Yet, unless you have actually had hands-on experience with the equipment used to achieve it, you might not understand how it actually works. To remedy this, here is a beginner’s guide to 3D printing that should clear up any questions you have and perhaps convince you to experiment with additive manufacturing yourself.


The basic principles In the simplest terms, 3D printing works opposite to most traditional manufacturing techniques. Rather than starting with a large piece of material and gradually removing layers until you have fashioned it into the desired size and shape, you start with a blank printing bed and instead build up the desired structure by depositing material with a printing head, incrementally creating it layer by layer. In terms of the materials that 3D printing works with, the most commonly used are […]

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