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How European startups will advance 3D printing tech in 2020


3D printing has been much vaunted in recent years. As the dust settles on the hype surrounding the emerging technology, 150sec looks at a number of encouraging aspects of the technology European startups are working on which should propel the industry forward in 2020.


1. Carbon fibre & silicone printing


Whilst 3D printing is commonly associated with simple plastic products, there are in fact a variety of printing materials available today. 3D printing using carbon fibre enables use cases that demand extremely lightweight yet strong parts. Carbon fibre is stronger than steel yet it’s five times lighter. The issue with carbon fibre composite printing has been one of cost. In this sphere, Zurich’s 9T Labs is setting itself apart. The Swiss startup has brought together the technology to make high volume carbon fibre composite printing more affordable. Swiss innovation is clearly at the forefront when it comes to […]

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