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How Is 3D Printing Changing Biomedical Engineering?

How Is 3D Printing Changing Biomedical Engineering?

Written by David

February 10, 2021


Medical fields are always looking for innovation. In other industries, new technologies can help companies earn more money, but in medicine, they can save lives. Many recent advancements have pushed medicine forward, but 3D printing is particularly promising.


3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, hasn’t been around for long but has already shown tremendous potential. This technology has enabled manufacturers and hobbyists alike to produce parts quickly and cheaply. As printing methods and materials advance, these benefits can apply to biomedical engineering as well. Additive manufacturing has already seen implementation in biomedical engineering, and it has the potential to disrupt the entire field.


Here’s how. More Affordable Bionics and Prosthetics


High costs are one of the most significant issues across all medical fields. Cutting-edge treatments and technologies are typically expensive, which can prevent many patients from accessing the best health care. This issue is especially poignant in prosthetics and bionics, where only 15% of American amputees can cover the cost of a prosthesis. Additive manufacturing is far faster and uses less material than traditional techniques. As a result, it can produce the same products at a fraction of the cost. A 3D-printed prosthetic hand could cost as little as […]

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