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Wasted: Reducing construction waste with giant 3D printers

Wasted: Reducing construction waste with giant 3D printers

Written by David

February 10, 2021


One company uses a giant 3D printer to prefabricate studios off-site. There’s a small granny flat in Fox Hills in the southern part of Culver City. The house is white, modern, and has two glass walls. One of the solid walls curves to become the roof. It’s the 350 square foot studio model. Its construction created nearly no waste. The company behind it: Mighty Buildings.


It is one of several companies in California trying to make housing construction more affordable by prefabricating or manufacturing homes off-site. It is similar to the model of mass producing cars. “It [has] a full kitchen and all the appliances, and it has a separate bathroom. And we could install it in the backyard within two weeks,” says Head of Sales Natalie Dobrynina. The shell is affordable, and it takes less than a day to build. It’s a new technology in construction that’s picking up steam: 3D-printed buildings. Natalie Dobrynina says it takes less than two weeks to install this studio model in your backyard. Photo by Frances Anderton. Construction waste makes up almost a third of all the stuff we dump in landfills. We build so much in this state, and when […]

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