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How to Manage the Complexity of a 3D Printing Service


At first glance, most 3D printing projects look easy. To most of you, 3D printing is not complicated at all, but to customers, it can be quite complex.


I can hear something that Calvin, in that old comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes , might say, “We just need to de-complexify this…” You look at a customer’s CAD file, and you, as a 3D printer owner and operator, see a relatively easy part to print. It makes sense to you.


Prospects ask if you can print with a specific material, but may not realize it will not work for their particular use case. You know this and spend time explaining it which leads to why your quote is different from another provider or details on how your machine works. But at all times, you are striving to make sure the customer does not get overwhelmed with all of the various […]

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