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How to start with 3D Printing?

How to start with 3D Printing?

Written by David

September 26, 2020


As the world of 3D printing is evolving there are three types of people who print 3D models.


The first being a person who considers buying their own printer to print the 3D models.
Secondly, the person finding someone else’s 3D printer to use or rent or even to use a third-party service to 3D printed designs for them.
Apart from this, the third person might be someone who has a 3D printer but wants to print with exotic materials other than PLA or ABS.


This is when 3D printing service comes to the rescue. Getting hands-on 3D modelling and printing It is highly suggested to get hands-on experience on 3D modelling at first. 3D printing is only a cake walk once your expertise into attributes like bed levelling, print adhesion, optimum temperature settings, and many more tweaks. It is recommended that before outsourcing the 3D prints that you […]

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