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How Today’s High-Tech Hobbyists Use 3D Printing

How Today’s High-Tech Hobbyists Use 3D Printing

Written by David

January 8, 2020


Makers don’t get the credit they deserve. When it comes to innovation, history highlights the famous inventors, such as Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers.


What is rarely mentioned, though, is the time they spent in their workshops making prototypes. They weren’t paid for that time, and no one knew about them or their work.


Until a great invention, they were viewed as amateurs or hobbyists. You can bet that when they started, most inventors didn’t own the latest technology or the best tools. Lacking technology and superior tools is a common problem for hobbyists. They have the ideas, but they don’t have the right tools or machines to bring their ideas to life. Not so long ago it was difficult to progress beyond basic kits and plans because parts were expensive. Furthermore, the machinery required was hard to locate […]

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