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Impossibilities And 3D Printing

Impossibilities And 3D Printing

Written by David

September 1, 2020


This week our own [Donald Papp] wrote a thought-provoking piece on buying and selling 3D-printer models. His basic point: if you don’t know what you’re getting until you’ve purchased it, and there’s no refund policy, how can you tell if your money is being well spent?


It’s a serious problem for these nascent markets , because when customers aren’t satisfied they won’t come back. It got me thinking about my own experience, albeit with all of the free 3D models out there. They are a supremely mixed bag, and even though you’re not paying for the model, you’re paying in printing time, filament, and effort. It pays to be choosy, and all of [Donald]’s suggestions hold in the “free” market as well. Failenium Falcon. Image by Johannes Only download models that have been printed at least once , have decent documentation about things like layer height, filament type, […]

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