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Interview: Essentium CEO discusses the company’s efforts in promoting 3D printing as more than just a prototyping tool


Blake Teipel spends an afternoon sat in front of the computer, stitching together a series of video clips in a bid to win over another engineer unaware, perhaps dubious, of the extent to which additive manufacturing can be applied. “I know that additive is useful for prototyping,” he said, “but what else can be done?”


Even for someone as engaging a speaker as the Essentium CEO, Teipel was going to need more than just words to contextualise how additive could be useful beyond prototyping. Uploading onto his hard drive clips of bridge manufacturing applications, jigs and fixtures, and injection moulding tooling printed on the company’s High Speed Extrusion (HSE) platforms, he debated with himself which of the parts would make the best case for additive. These parts are not usually shared and discussed over video, rather Essentium prefers to showcase them at additive manufacturing trade shows and conferences, where […]

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