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Jarett Gross “sheds” light on 3D printed, upcycled Ashen Cabin

Jarett Gross “sheds” light on 3D printed, upcycled Ashen Cabin

Written by David

December 7, 2020


Thanks to the latest video by Jarett Gross, the untirable explorer of construction 3D printing projects (who has previously contributed to this portal ), many more, including 3dpbm, found out about a very interesting 3D printed, upcycled cement-wooden structure that may have been initially ignored by those outside the architectural community: the Ashen Cabin by Cornel University and HANNAH Design Office.


Tucked away in the woods near Ithaca sits this small, unusual-looking cabin that could be a model for sustainable architecture and construction practices, conserving materials at every stage of production. Designed and fabricated by assistant professors of architecture Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic, the Ashen Cabin uses wood from ash trees damaged by the emerald ash borer, sourced from Cornell’s 4,000-acre research forest in Van Etten, New York. The cutting process in a robotics lab allowed for the use of trees otherwise unfit for traditional lumber processing. The […]

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