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Joann courts tech-minded makers with new 3D printers


I have childhood memories of long afternoons at Joann Fabrics, wandering the aisles in a bored daze while my mother shopped for yarn. It didn’t seem like an especially exciting place back in the ’80s, but my opinion may be changing now that the chain (known these days as simply Joann) is adding 3D printers and other new products and services to attract tech-savvy makers.


Two new 3D printer models, the $599 Polaroid PlaySmart 3D and $499 Sculpto 3D, have just landed in stores and are exclusive to Joann in the US. These are both mid-priced printers, not as inexpensive as entry level models from Monoprice or others, but not as expensive as full-range professional-level printers. The Polaroid PlaySmart has a smallish 120x120x120mm bed, but includes a webcam and an optional filament holder with a built-in scale, which should tell you exactly how much material […]

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