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Lasers allow 3D printing from multiple materials at once

Lasers allow 3D printing from multiple materials at once

Written by David

July 28, 2020


Scientists at the Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have presented a method that allows you to print items from multiple materials. It used to be thought that it was too expensive and difficult.


One of the most popular techniques in 3D printing is selective laser sintering (SLS). In this case, the micron-scale powder is combined using a laser. It heats the particles to the point that they fuse together and form a solid mass. However, the method has its limitations: an item can only be crafted from one material. The researchers decided to work around this limitation and changed the location of the laser inside the printer. Their working prototype, along with a print sample containing two different materials in one layer, is described in the scientific journal Additive Manufacturing, the text about this will appear in December 2020. Selective laser sintering is a process in which […]

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