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Niche Made: Modding NERF Guns With 3D Printing

Niche Made: Modding NERF Guns With 3D Printing

Written by David

May 17, 2020


We didn’t have a lot of NERF guns in the house growing up, but I do remember one specific NERF incident when I was older.


I was home from college for winter break, and my family and I were stuck inside due to a snow emergency. We were getting restless and sick of watching TV, when someone – my mom, maybe – randomly picked up a NERF dart gun from behind her chair, aimed it at the map of Michigan hanging over the couch across the room, and fired.


The game quickly evolved into seeing who could get the dart to stick the closest to where we vacationed each summer, and we all forgot we’d been bored. Just like using 3D printing to increase the fun of LEGOs , so too can the technology be put to work with NERF weapons . NERF modding is the practice of adding […]

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