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NOVUM Project Developing Cellulose 3D Printing Pilot Line

NOVUM Project Developing Cellulose 3D Printing Pilot Line

Written by Paul

December 16, 2020


As discussed in our series on the relationship between 3D printing and climate change, fossil fuel companies anticipating any regulation in response to global warming have warmed up to the idea of devoting more resources to plastics production .


However, even plastics are being regulated to a minor degree, particularly when it comes to single-use consumer products. By 2021, the European Union will ban single-use plastic cutlery, cotton buds, straws and stirrers. Other items banned in such nations as the U.K., Taiwan, Canada, Kenya and more include microbeads, plastic bags and other single-use plastic goods. While not entirely aggressive, these forms of legislation demonstrate some willingness on the part of national governments to take steps necessary to combat the ongoing ecological collapse that has been precipitated by industrial human civilization. If these societies wish to retain any semblance of their current ways of life, they will need to develop alternatives to fossil fuel-based polymers. Among the biopolymers discussed in our series on the topic, cellulose seemed like a potentially promising one. The state-owned VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland seems to think so, as its NOVUM Project is dedicated entirely to 3D printing cellulose materials. Project leader Heli Kangas […]

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