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Oxford University replicates historical instruments with 3D printing


The Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford houses a stunning collection of historical musical instruments from around the world.


Unlike many types of artefact, which can simply be looked at and understood, having a collection of instruments presents a unique challenge, as hearing them is part of the experience.


According to the museum, it receives many requests from researchers and members of originating communities to play the instruments it houses, but, because of the state of many of the historical instruments, the originals cannot be safely played—whether because of fragility or pesticide contamination.


In a bid to recreate and offer playable historical instruments, the museum recently teamed up with the Department of Engineering and Science and the Department of Conversation at Oxford to launch the Plastic Fantastic project, supported by funding from the Oxford University IT Innovation Challenge. The project aims to use new technologies, such as […]

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