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Best 3D Printing Black Friday 2019 Deals (Qidi, Lulzbot, Monoprice)

Best 3D Printing Black Friday 2019 Deals (Qidi, Lulzbot, Monoprice)

Written by David

November 29, 2019


3D printing can be used both for business and as a hobby. It allows you to create items with only minimal materials used. As one of the most promising technologies, it offers many significant benefits like faster production, better quality, cost-effectiveness, risk reduction, and less waste production. It also allows for endless personalization. The technology will unquestionably transform every industry and change the way work.


This Black Friday, you can turn your concept into reality with the best 3D printers in the market. Get as much as 20% discount on your preferred product.


Qiditech X-ProLulzbot Taz 6 Monoprice 133012 Select Mini Pro

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QIDI TECH 3D PRINTER, X-PRO 3D PRINTER WITH WIFI FUNCTION Original Price: $649 Black Friday Price: $599 The QIDI Tech 3D Printer X-Pro is the latest update to the high-precision dual extruder 3D printing technology. It has easy-to-use features and safe operation, making it the perfect product for artists and hobbyists. It also boasts four side […]

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