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PLA Pellets – Where to Buy and How They Are Used

PLA Pellets – Where to Buy and How They Are Used

Written by David

October 27, 2020


Filaments are the weapon of choice for most people who are into FDM-based 3D printing. They are convenient, easy to handle, and very easy to buy, especially considering how 3D printing suddenly became popular in the last couple of years.


However, filaments aren’t the only form in which 3D printing thermoplastics are available. Although not quite as common, these thermoplastics are still sold nowadays as pellets. In this article, we will be turning our focus on the PLA version of these pellets.


How are pellets used in 3D printing and is it a good idea to get your own? Why is PLA sold in pellets? Selling or using any plastic in pellets really isn’t uncommon in the plastics manufacturing world. In fact, it is the base form that plastics typically take once they are produced […]

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