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PODCAST: Large-scale 3D printing with GE Additive’s X Line

PODCAST: Large-scale 3D printing with GE Additive's X Line

Written by David

May 19, 2021


Steve Konick: So, 3D printing is the technology that we’re talking about, but it competes with other technologies that are out there as well. What are some comparisons you can make to something like machining or casting? Is there an advantage to 3D printing in that sense?


Marques Franklin: Yes. So with casting, you know, some of the things you have to consider are if you have like an internal surface and an external surface and you have like a mold that’s on the inside, how are you going to get that mold out? You know, with subtractive manufacturing where you’re using a mill to remove material, you know, you don’t always have the ability to have, like, internal passages in complex paths and stuff like that. So that’s definitely an advantage of additive manufacturing. Things that you also have to consider, though, is with the complexity comes, you know, sometimes you can’t manufacture as quickly as you can with subtractive manufacturing. So it tends to be more expensive than subtractive. But we expect as we develop more and more innovations in the field that those prices will come down. We’ll start printing faster, you know, materials will grow. […]

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