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New 3D manufacturing company aims to leverage 3D printing technology by transforming the way architects and designers can use wood waste


3D print applications have revolutionized industries from architecture, construction, furniture design, and fashion. Last year, 3D print fabrication aided in provided medical professionals, patients, and facilities with PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic . As fabrication continues to develop and expand, a company based in Burlington, MA, has found a way to turn upcycled wood byproducts into a promising new avenue for additive manufacturing.


“With the power of high-speed, high-resolution 3D printing, Forust is giving a new life to a discarded resource – creating strong, beautiful and carbon-friendly wood products from wood waste. For each tree saved, we reduce the CO2 footprint by a metric ton over the tree’s life.” Image and text courtesy of Forust Forust , an exclusively owned subsidiary of 3D printing and rapid prototyping Massachusetts-based company Desktop Metal creates “high-volume additive manufacturing of end-use wood parts possible.” Launched in 2021, Forust’s system “upcycles wood waste from the approximately 15 billion trees cut down each year1into luxurious, high-quality, end-use wood parts that can be used in a variety of industries, from consumer goods and furniture to home goods and automotive luxury interiors.” Previously reported on Archinect: “The trials […]

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