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Project Orbit 3D printed record player

Project Orbit 3D printed record player

Written by David

March 11, 2020


Makers and vinyl record enthusiasts wishing to build their very own 3D printed record player may be interested in a project demonstration which shows how to build the Project Orbit 3D printed record player.


All the 3D printing files required to build the vinyl record player are available to download from GitHub via the link below.


The project has been designed to be a proof of concept to validate whether a 3D printed record player as possible. The 3D printed record player project is intended to: – Act as a thought experiment applying modern fabrication techniques to a vintage application. – Be a cool use of 3D Printing – Act as a proof of concept – Play records – Make people say “Hey’s that’s cool!” – Have some fun 3D Printing – Maybe give some people a new lease on some crappy records from a thrift store It is […]

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