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Prusa 3D printing stories: University Hospital Olomouc

Written by David

March 2, 2020


University Hospital Olomouc is one of the biggest hospitals in the Czech Republic, providing a wide spectrum of health care for both children and adults. The vast complex is comprising more than 50 buildings with 3500 employees.


In 2018, medical physicists from the Department of Medical Physics and Radiation Protection started to use 3D printed phantoms for ionizing radiation-based imaging modalities. Creating own phantoms instead of purchasing them means a substantial saving of time, allows for a custom design tailored to actual experimental needs and also has the potential to save thousands of EUR.


The commercially available phantoms are somewhat limited in their size and shape diversity, while in Olomouc they wanted to create specific custom models, necessary for thorough tuning of their hi-tech machines.


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