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Remote Controlled 3D-Printed Pills to Inhibit Cancer Growth

Remote Controlled 3D-Printed Pills to Inhibit Cancer Growth

Written by David

June 19, 2020


Central to the treatment of most patients, medication in the form of pills and complex drug delivery systems is expected to change drastically in the coming years too as these items can be 3D printed quickly, affordably, and in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors—moving from the conceptual stage to reality with the FDA approval of Aprecia, an epilepsy pill.


The trend has continued from there, and although perhaps a bit more slowly than expected, many researchers continue to make strides. Now, engineers and pharmaceutical scientists from the University of Sussex and the University of Texas at Austin have created a unique method for drug delivery, featuring remote control. 3D-printed pills, in capsule form, are controlled by magnetic fields and triggered for drug delivery to patients as needed. This could mean improved treatment for patients with serious diseases: “The device delivers enhanced efficacy and safety through optimal […]

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