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SHINING 3D launches new EinScan Pro HD 3D scanner


Chinese 3D scanning and printing company SHINING 3D has launched a new handheld 3D scanning device, the EinScan Pro HD.


The multi-functional device is the latest in the company’s EinScan Pro series and offers “unparalleled performance” in capturing high-res and high-accuracy scans for a range of applications. The EinScan Pro HD is ideal for design or engineering applications which require a high degree of detail and accuracy. The high-resolution of the handheld system is achieved in part thanks to the integration of a new projection light structure.


Specifically, the stripe pattern scanning traditionally used in Fixed Scan Mode has been adapted and implemented for Handheld HD Scan Mode. According to SHINING 3D, when used in Fixed Scan Mode, the system can reach accuracies of up to 0.04 mm, while in Handheld HD Scan mode, the volumetric accuracy is up to 0.045 mm+0.3mm/m. The updated light projection hardware, as well […]

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