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Remoticon Video: How To 3D Print Onto Fabric With Billie Ruben


We’re impressed to see the continued flow of new and interesting ways to utilize 3D printing despite its years in the hacker limelight. At the 2020 Hackaday Remoticon [Billie Ruben] came to us from across the sea to demonstrate how to use 3D printing and fabric, or other flexible materials, to fabricate new and interesting creations.


Check out her workshop below, and read on for more detail about what you’ll find.


The workshop is divided into two parts, a hands-on portion where participants execute a fabric print at home on their own printer, and a lecture while the printers whirr away describing ways this technique can be used to produce strong, flexible structures. The technique described in the hands on portion can be clumsily summarized as “print a few layers, add the flexible material, then resume the printing process”.


Of course the actual explanation and discussion of how to know when to insert the material, configure your slicer, and select material is significantly more complex! For the entire process make sure to follow along with [Billie]’s clear instructions in the video. The lecture portion of the workshop was a whirlwind tour of the ways which embedded materials can be […]

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