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So You Bought a 3D Printer. Now What?

So You Bought a 3D Printer. Now What?

Written by David

November 26, 2020


Do you ever feel like you’re living in an episode of The Jetsons? We have robot vacuums that scoot themselves around the floor, and on more than one occasion I’ve found myself arguing with our Google Assistant. But perhaps what awes me the most is the 3D printer my sweetheart Stewart Leith brought home last year.


Beyond the feeling of living in the future, being able to print limitless objects from home opens a world of creative and practical opportunities. As an instructor at the Ringling College of Art and Design Leith teaches illustration classes and ZBrush, digital sculpting software that lets you create characters and creatures for all kinds of entertainment design needs. “Most all of the characters you see in modern video games and animated movies were built in Zbrush or similar software,” Leith explains. Years of creating models that existed solely in […]

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