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Structur3d launches Inj3ctor desktop injection moulding platform

Structur3d launches Inj3ctor desktop injection moulding platform

Written by Paul

December 21, 2020


Structur3d Inj3ctor Platform Structur3d has announced the launch of its Inj3ctor Platform, a desktop injection moulding tool which uses 3D printed moulds.


The company says it is ‘solidifying 3D printing’s role within industrial manufacturing’ by expanding its material capabilities and creating new products with factory-grade rubber materials, such as silicones and polyurethanes. Preparing for shipment before the end of the year, Structur3d’s Inj3ctor Platform bundle consists of the Inj3ctor platform, an Ultimaker S5 3D printer, materials for both and additional accessories and support. Structur3d’s Inj3ctor Platform uses curated material cartridges to mix and inject 2-component flexible materials into a customisable shape, which it believes will enable users to achieve small manufacturing volumes with rubber materials. The Inj3ctor Platform has been launched to address the limitations of 3D printed rubbers, which are said not to meet manufacturing standards, while also reducing the cost and procurement risk in manufacturing rubber components. The company, which is targeting the automotive, industrial products, aerospace, academia, energy, medical and consumer product sectors, believes the Inj3ctor Platform could be harnessed for ‘every step of manufacturing, from prototyping to production,’ and has the capacity to support design customisation too. “As a team of scientists and chemical engineers, […]

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