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Taiwan-based T3D Launches High-Speed LCD 3D Printer that Prints 10cm Per Hour


T3D , a Taiwan-based a team of hardware, software, and chemical engineers aiming to disrupt the traditional 3D printing industry announced a new high-speed 3D printer, which the company will unveil at the upcoming Taiwan Inntech Expo event slated to take place from 24 September 2020 to 26 September 2020 in Taipei, Taiwan.


T3D – an innovative consumer Electronics, Manufacturing and Machinery company provides solutions to let manufacturers build and print models or components that can be immediately applied to their model without waiting. T3D will be launching their new product, T3D High-Speed 3D Printer at the upcoming Taiwan Inntech Expo event. T3D High-Speed 3D Printer can print 10 cm per hour in order to speed up the process of 3D printing, and with the use of T3D’s resin and special fep film, it is able to print continuously throughout the process. […]

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