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Texas A&M Researchers: Eliminating the Weak Spots in 3D Printing


Researchers at Texas A&M, working with scientists from Essentium, Inc, continue to refine 3D printing processes.


Pinpointing one of the most vulnerable areas, the individual printed layers, the researchers and scientists have developed new technology for improving part reliability with plasma science and carbon nanotube technology.


Upon the inception of 3D printing in the 80s with the SLA-1 , such technology was primarily used for prototyping; however, in the past few decades, organizations like NASA , the military , and GE have begun to focus on fabrication of not only prototypes but also critical parts. The medical realm has been heavily impacted too. The area of prosthetics, for instance, is being completely transformed as groups like e-NABLE make it possible for individuals in need to receive affordable, completely customized limb replacements—around the globe. Users on every level are taking advantage of the benefits of 3D printing, from […]

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